Tour the wild Atlantic way
Irish Atlantic Coast Tours is family run business ensuring a relaxed atmosphere at all times.

Irish Atlantic Coast Tours was established in 2017 to provide tours of the Irish Atlantic Coast to small and medium sized groups. We specialize in providing exclusive tours of the enchanting Irish Atlantic Coast. The owner, Martin, takes each tour himself ensuring a personalized and unique experience for each tour group.

Martin worked in New York and London before returning to his beloved Atlantic Coast. He set up Atlantic Coast Tours after taking his children on a tour of the Wild Atlantic Way. He never tires of its charm and looks forward to sharing its beauty with each new tour group.

“Every group is different,” Martin says, “and I enjoy seeing people’s reaction when they first set eyes on the beautiful scenery I have called home for many years now. The one reaction that is the same, though, is how magnificent people think it is.”

Martin offers individualized tours at competitive prices lasting 9 days.

Contact us today to check out availability and prices, or browse the website to find out more about Martin’s memorable tours.